A Year's Challenge Week 16: Dotticure Mani

Dotticure?? Hmm..I'm guessing that this is just a fancy word for a polka dot or dotted mani. That's the way i interpreted anyway. I love learning all these new names for manicures I never heard of.

I knew I wanted to come up with something creative, even though Im not usually that creative. So I got out my set of dotting tools and basically just started dotting away. I noticed that when i don't think about it too much ahead of time, I have a lot easier time deciding what Im gonna do. That's how I came up with my dotticure mani.

I used this pretty light pink color from Sinful Colors called Savage. Then I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Black and Sally Hansen's INSTA-DRI in Whirlwind White for the dots.

The 5 piece dotting tool set I have from the Born Pretty Store were perfect because each dotting tool has two ends that are different sizes. So you don't have to stop and clean each dotting tool before moving onto another nail. It makes it a lot easier. This set only cost $4 and change plus there's no shipping costs. So if you're looking for a good dotting tool set I would recommend this one.

I first made large black dots on my pointer and pinky fingers, then used a smaller dotting tool to make white dots in the black dots. On the rest of my fingers I used small white dots.

I'm pleased with the way this came out and liked this challenge. What do you guys think?

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  1. You def hit this one right on the nail!!! lmao Great choice of colors 

  2. kayla sutherland11:05 PM

    Pretty cute nails :)

  3. I love them; so pretty! You're so creative!! I actually feel the need to try them as they're fool proof.♥

  4. Wow Kelly! This is so cool! Those dotting tools look like a lot of fun and I love the color combination you chose for it!

  5. beautybymissl6:34 AM

    Very pretty! These dots look absolutely perfect.

  6. Thank you!!! I'm surprised bc my hands were actually shaking the whole time lol

  7. Thanks Angie!!! They are fun, it's funny all the things you can do with a set of dotting tools.

  8. Thanks so much, that's so sweet. They really are fool proof, you should try them :)

  9. Wow amazing dots of nail paints i love it...

  10. Very pretty and creative! I love that pink color!

  11. Aww!! Thanks doll :)


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