Interview with Nykki from Nykki's Mane Blog

"Love of Beauty is taste, the creation of Beauty is Art"

1. Mini Bio?

I am a 23 year old college girl who secretly wishes she had chosen to go to beauty school a few years back! I am fascinated with all things beauty related, especially make-up! :)

2. Where can we find you?

Blog: http://www.mymaneblog.com 

3. What inspired you to start blogging?

YouTube videos for sure. I began watching them all the time and quickly became addicted - I still am addicted to watching YouTube beauty videos, but now I am also addicted to reading blogs. I became extremely aware of the fact that I love make-up and beauty products and wanted to write about them! :)

4. Besides beauty, your blog covers many different topics. Which are your favorite to write about?

My favorite things to write about are make-up products. I actually love writing hauls and reviews, because that means that I have really tried a product out and either loved it -hopefully, or hated it. They are just fun to write, and I love that people respect my opinion!

5. You've gained a lot of followers, how do you think you accomplished that? 

I marketed myself, I hear so many people saying "It isn't important how many subscribers I have, I just love to write." and I call that a load of crap. I love to write, I love blogging but I love having subscribers and I love talking to them. The only way that people are going to see your blog is by tell them about it. I became very interactive on the web. I talk to people on twitter - especially #bbloggers. I am on Beautylish. I read blogs and leave comments. of course actual comments, I hate the most when somebody leaves me a comment and doesn't say a damn thing about the post, just says, "new follower, check out my blog". I may check out their blog, but I am less likely to subscribe in that case. If you leave me a valid comment then I will be interested in you. I love to be very friendly to other bloggers! :) After all, we are all in the same boat.

6. If  you could give new bloggers any tips on starting out, what would they be?

I am still fairly new, I don't consider myself to be among the great bloggers, one day I hope, but I would tell new bloggers not to give up. If you go a few days without any subscribers, get out there and tell people about your blog. Get interactive with the web, get interactive with other bloggers. The best asset a blogger can have is another blogger who believes in them. Don't get caught up in competing with other bloggers, it does take time && if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask me! :)

7. What are you views on doing Sponsored Reviews?

I think that bloggers work their butt off to put out great posts and great content and if a PR company contacts you then that must mean that they see something special in your blog. I think that bloggers deserve it. I didn't start off blogging to receive free items, but who the heck is gonna turn down a free product? not me. I will gladly say "thank you" and try the product out. Now will I tell my readers that I love a product just because it is free? Absolutely not! I tell all PR companies that my readers are my priority and I stay true to that. I am 100% honest with my readers and the PR company, I have never been somebody to keep my opinions to myself. PR companies can also gain insight when given criticism. If bloggers tell them their items are great when they aren't, then how does that benefit the company? As long as you are 100% honest, then bring on the free stuff! :)

8. Where would you like to see your blog in another 6 months from now?

Six months, let's see. In six months, I will be coming up on an entire year of blogging! That will be exciting. I am actually very happy with my blog right now. I am a huge perfectionist so I am always doing something new and exciting with my layout, but as far as the posting goes, I would just love to see myself grow as a writer. I have always been interested in writing, in fact, when I first started college I went in as a Journalism major. I changed that, but I have always loved to write. I also hope that I am still talking to the great bloggers that I have met here, early on (like you Kelly!). Blogging is just so exciting for me & I really do love it.

That was such a great interview Nykki!! You and your blog  have inspired me so much, so thank you for letting me do this :)))

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  1. You girlz are amazing! The two of you work very well together. I love young, creative energy. This is a great post and a unique way to get to know fellow bloggers. You are definitely setting a high standard for the rest of us. Keep up the great work. To Nykki, its never too late to go to beauty school. No one ever said you could only have one career option so GO FOR IT!

  2. Awww!!! Thanks Kim! I do love working with Nykki, she's taught me a lot. The credit has to go to Nykki though, she does it on her blog once a week. I prob wouldn't have thought of it.

  3. I enjoy working with you too Kelly! :) I may go to beauty school one day, but for now I need to focus on the degree that I am about to finish up! :)

    thanks again for doing this interview! I loved answering the questions!

    Now I am off to get monday beauties ready!

  4. Melissa_Emily10:44 AM

    Kelly that was a great interview I really enjoy reading the one's i've seen so far! Nykki I also went to school for Journalism but then switched my major to Contemporary Arts, I also love writing! & I could not agree more with you when you say that you love subscribers! I love having & receiving subscribers too it makes me feel special to know that people enjoy reading my blog, so the more the merrier ♥


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