Wednesday's Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip of The Week

Use Efferdent Tablets to Whiten your Nails

Efferdent tablets are known for cleaning dentures, retainers and other dental appliances. These quarter sized tablets are strong enough to clean the toughest stains. When wearing nail polish for a long amount of time sometimes your nails start to look a little yellow. It's perfectly normal though. Luckily, there are a few tips to whiten your nails and using an Efferdent tablet is one of them :)

Drop one of these tablets into a bowl of warm water, you'll notice that it starts to fizz out. Soak your nails in the bowl for about 5 minutes.

This is also a good to do when you are giving yourself a manicure.  Soaking your fingers in warm water helps to soften your nails and skin for when you go to push your cuticles back or cut them. You will notice that your nails look brighter too. I don't do this every week when I do my nails but at least twice a month.

Do you have any tips on whitening your nails? 

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