I'm really liking this color, Gold Coin by Revlon. I never really look for nail polish in the Revlon section but it was like it caught my  eye while walking down the makeup aisle. They actually have a lot of new pretty colors. So I'll be going make for more soon! There are a few reasons I'm really loving this. I know it looks very sparkly in the picture but its not, that's just  the flash. Its more opaque and you looks really gorgeous. I only had to apply one coat which made me really happy, it was so easy to apply and went on evenly. Plus, it dried so fast.

No, I didn't draw that design on my ring finger ( I wish)! I used Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Polish Strips in Laced Up. I bought this pack a few months ago but never used it. I figured it would go perfectly with the gold polish. I'm not a huge fan of these polish strips, I wont use them on all my fingers bc i feel like its too much work, but using one as a design is fun.


This pen promises to clean up any nail polish smudges or smears you get around the sides of your nails when painting them. I thought this was a great idea the first time I saw it and since using a Q-Tip or small eyeliner brush to remove stains doesn't work too well for me, I finally bought it. It comes with two replaceable tips for the pen. It cost $5.99 at Walgreen's.

The directions say to hold it like you would hold a regular pen and "write" over any misapplied nail color pressing lightly. Then wipe the tip after every use with a tissue to avoid color build up. Sound easy, right?

I used this today and I don't usually have too much polish on the sides of my nails. It depends on how much coffee I've had that day, if anything I end up needing to clean my right hand more since I'm a righty. I like it! Just like the directions say, hold it like a pen and go over the polish while pressing lightly and you will notice it start to come off. I needed to go over it twice to fully remove the polish. Compared to using polish remover and Q-tips/eyeliner brushes it's so much more effective and faster.  I would guess the darker the polish the more times you  have to write over any smudges to fully remove them.
The only thing I'm wondering about is how long or how many uses you'll get out of this one pen including the two extra tips it comes with. The package doesn't say anything about this but I would guess after a while the pen stops working. Overall, I'm very pleased with this product and the price is reasonable. If you have problems with a messy manicure and trying to remove it then I would recommend you try this.


  1. This is really pretty. I'm a huge lace fan!!

  2. This mani looks gorgeous. The Sally Hansen´s polish strip suits so well with this golden nail polish. Love it.
    The manicure clean up pen sounds like a great product.

  3. Woooahh that Revlon Gold nail polish looks amazing!!! A must for NY eve!!!!

  4. Thats exactly what I was thinking too, Christmas or New Years Eve lol


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