Sally Hansen Wet Cement 

Whenever I go to do my nails I always have a hard time deciding what color I want to use unless its something I just bought. But I was looking through my nail polish collection and forgot I bought this color a few months ago when I was on the hunt for Essie's Chinchilly (one of my favorite colors). Its almost like a dupe except it's a tad darker and has more of a grayish hue. I like it though, its defeinitly a pretty fall color. If your looking for this type of color you can buy either Sally Hansen's Wet Cement or Essie's Chinchilly because there's not much of a difference. Essie, of course was more expensive, but besides that I feel like both brands had a nice quality. I cant say anything bad about this color at all.



The first picture (without the flash) is what the color truly looks like on your nails. 

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