Five Favorites: July 2011

Here are my five favorites for the month of July. I noticed that I tend to wear less makeup in the summer, probably because I’m usually tan and don’t feel like I need as much. Plus when its super hot out sometimes I just don’t go all out. Don’t get me wrong, I hardly go out with nothing on my face but you get the idea. This month will have more of a variety of beauty products. Hope you enjoy  

L.A. Colors
Art Deco Nail Lacquer

I love experimenting with different nail designs and these are perfect for doing that. The brush is high quality and makes it very easy and fast to use. It lets you draw either thin lines or thick. I first discovered these at a family dollar store and they were $1.99, the next time I saw them was at the Dollar Tree so they were only a $1 each! I currently have them in black, white, yellow, pink, gold and silver. I want to get them in every color. I was recently at the Dollar Tree and I was in heaven because they had the whole collection of colors. I wanted to buy each one but I didn’t. I need to go back very soon and get the rest of the colors. For the price of these the quality is great, the colors pop out especially if you use them on top of a lighter nail color. My favorite combo is white nail polish with zebra print in black.

TREsemme Deep Clarifying Shampoo
This is a really good shampoo that I use every 2-3 times I wash my hair to get all the build up out from the hair products I use. I’ve tried other clarifying shampoo’s and compared to the other ones I’ve tried this one actually makes a difference. When I don’t use this shampoo I use John Frieda’s Full Repair and that stuff is really great also, but if even if you’re not using a ton of hair products you still need to use a clarifying shampoo that really gets in there and removes all the oils and gunk (at least once a week). Depending on your hair washing schedule. If your looking for a good one I strongly recommend Tresemme and the bottle is huge, you’ll have it forever.     

Milani Mineral Blush

I bought this blush a few months ago but didn’t start using it until this summer and now I use it almost everyday. I use it in Sunset Beach. The color is buildable so you can wear it for a natural look or you can apply more if you’re going out at night. This color looks good with a tan bc it’s an apricot/ peachy color. I’ve heard some youtube gurus say these are pretty much the dupe for NARS orgasm. It’s also light weight and goes on flawlessly (it comes with a little brush like most blushes do but I would use a normal blush brush for the best application. I always change blush colors once fall comes and I'm defiantly going to buy one of the other colors from Milani. 
 Helen of Troy
Hot Shot Tools Blow Dryer

The type of blow dryer I use is important because I have very thick hair that usually takes forever to blow dry. So I can’t just use any blow dryer unfortunately, I’m so glad I found this one. Helen of Troy is known for making great hair tools, I have one of their curling irons and I love it. I bought this at Sally's Beauty Supply, at the time they were having a special where it came with a Helen of Troy flat iron for $50. To be honest the flat iron is not to great at all, but it was worth it bc the blow dryer is excellent. My main concern when buying a blow dryer is to make my dry faster. It has a 1875 watt powerful air flow, with ionic and Tourmaline technology that makes your hair dry faster. It also has 2 speed/4 heat combinations with a cool setting and it comes with a concentrator attachment (that I use every time). I can honestly say it takes me half of the time to blow dry my hair now. It used to take me at least 45 minutes and I dreaded drying my hair but now I really don’t mind. Plus its really light so your arm isn’t killing you when your done.

e.l.f essential

Shimmering Facial Whip

I picked this up the last time I was at Target when they finally started selling the whole line of e.l.f products. I was so excited, I about 15 things bc the most expensive product was $5. The shimmering facial whip was one of the $1 items I bought. I really like it, its pretty much a shimmering whipped facial highlighter. It blends in well and doesn’t make your face feel greasy. I use a tiny dab on my cheeks and my nose after I apply my bronzer and it gives your face a subtle glow. It comes in 8 different shades: persimmon, Camilla, lilac petal, toasted, golden peach, spotlight, pink lemonade and citrus. I use golden peach, but the camera makes the color look orange and its definitely not. Sorry about that


DIY: Easy Homemade Facials you can do yourself

DIY Easy Homemade Facials

How fun is it to hang at home and pamper yourself with a homemade facial? I love it!  I like mixing up all these great recipes from things I can get from my kitchen. These ingredients are just as good or even better than some of the expensive facial scrubs we buy.  I wanted to put together a list of my favorite homemade recipes for you guys to try out. Let me know if you try any of these and what you thought

~Bananas, Sour Cream and Honey Facial~

Mash a half of a banana and add one tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of sour cream. Then mix together until all ingredients are mixed well. Apply to face and let set for about 10 minutes, then wipe off with a damp washcloth

~Simple Cornmeal~

Take two tablespoons of cornmeal and mix with enough water to make a thick paste. Gently apply to face and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water

~Yogurt and Berries~

Combine a 1/2 of a cucumber, one tablespoon of plain yogurt, 2 strawberries and one teaspoon of honey in a food processor or a blender. Apply to face and let dry, then either use a washcloth to wipe off or rinse with water.

~Easy Avocado~

Mash a half of an avocado and apply to entire face. Let set for about 20 minutes then rinse off well with warm water.

~Apricot Cream~

Soak one cup of dried apricots into water until softened. Puree in a blender or food processor with two tablespoons of skim milk. Apply to face and let sit for about 15 minutes. Gently wipe off with a damp washcloth, then rinse thoroughly.

~Cucumber Yogurt~

Puree a 1/2 peeled sliced cucumber in a blender or food processor and add one tablespoon of plain yogurt. Apply to face and let sit for 20 minutes then wash off with warm water.

Key Ingredients:

  • -Plain yogurt- is effective at cleansing and disinfecting pores, preventing acne, moisturizing skin and revitalizing texture. Using an organic yogurt is your best bet because it also contains more active, live cultures, which improve yogurt's nutrient bioavailability.
  • -Sour Cream- is like all fermented milk products, contains lactic acid, which is a key skin-enhancing ingredient, it helps the skin retain moisture and is a natural exfoliater. It also boots the production of collagen. Lactid acid is used in many beauty and skin care products.
  • -Banana- is rich source of Potassium, antioxidants, Vitamin B and Pyridoxine (Vitamin- B6), also highly prescribed for healthy skin and to treat skin disorders like Psoriasis, eczema, dry skin and even myeloma
  • -Honey a wonderful beauty product that has many health benefits including moisturizing, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflattation properties. Also good for treating acne.
  • -Cornmeal- is an excellent exfoliant (especially when mixed with other products such as olive oil)
  • -Strawberries are great for clearing up acne and preventing acne, its main skin pleasing ingredient is alpha-hydroxyl acid,  a great little substance that helps us slough off dead skin cells so that new, youthful skin is revealed.
  • -Avocado- are rich in the oils A, D & E, which are wonderful for the completion and it wonderful for dry skin
  • -Cucumber- has a wide range of advantages.on physical application as well as consumption. They are rich in fiber, water and Vitamin C and many other elements like magnesium, manganese, potassium etc., It also cleans your skin by acting as a deep pore cleanser while bringing out a radiant glow in your face
  • -Apricot- is a light and gentle oil used in creams, lotions and other beauty products to balance, nourish and lubricate your skin

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My favorite all time products

These are just some of my favorite products. These items are like my go to products I know I can always count on to work . My blogging friend Aly will also feature her favorites in this post too. Extra favorites this time!!

-Neutrogena Micro Mist Airbrush Self Tanning Spray

This has definitely become my favorite drug store self tanner. I used to be skeptical of self tanners because I was using the wrong ones. I’ve used a variety of different self tanners (creams, gels, sprays, I've even got it done at the salon).Yet I was never really satisfied with the results. This spray self tanner is great, it sprays on lightly and is extremely easy to apply at any angle and the color comes out so evenly and natural looking. It literally takes me less than 2 minutes to do my legs (for example). If I was to do my whole body, probably 5 minutes, I’ve never experienced any of those orange self tanner lines like I have with other ones. You don’t have to worry about rubbing it in or waiting hours for it to dry. I highly recommend this to anyone that’s looking for a natural tan and doesn’t feel like spending hours trying to apply it. Plus it was only $12.99 at local drugstores and its oil free so you can apply it to your face without worrying about breaking out.

-Smash box Correcting Primer

Smash box makes three different correcting primers for hiding redness, evening out skin tone and brightening your complexion. I use “blend” it has an apricot tone that evens out my skin tone and helps counteract any discoloration or dark spots. Since I'm guilty for spending too much time in the sun, I feel like my skin needs help evening out. I’ve been using this primer for almost a year now. It is a little pricey but for me it's well worth it, you don’t need a lot at all so it will last you plus it does wonders. I can't imagine putting on foundation without using this first. It goes on so smoothly and creates the perfect base for applying your foundation or powder. I’ve noticed that it helps my pores look smaller too. On good days I will just wear this primer and feel confident enough to skip foundation (and that says a lot for me). It’s oil free with a combination of antioxidants and vitamin A & E. I got this at Ultra for around $40.00 but I just saw it on sale for only $29.99! at www.beautyticket.com

-L’Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner

This is the greatest liquid eyeliner in my opinion. If you read my post on the “winged/cat eyeliner look” I think I mentioned that after going through a bunch of different liners and years of trying to get that look down I finally did and half of that is bc of the liner. Well this is it! It has a special designed applicator that helps you create thin or bold lines, the handle is long and the perfect size for you to get a perfect even line. It’s specially great for creating the winged/cat eye look but you can create any look you want. It comes in navy, grey, soft black and dark black, I like the dark black. It also stays on for at least 12 hours (that’s the longest I've ever had it on w/o removing my makeup). I have no reason to try a different liquid liner now. I bought this at Wal-Mart for only $6.50 which is a huge bargain for the quality.

-Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo

I have thick normal/dry hair so I don’t have to wash it everyday. On the days I don’t wash it I rely on dry shampoo to help give it that clean look and some extra body. Thank god I finally found one that does what it's supposed to do. You can actually use baby powder but I feel like that’s a pain and it just gets everywhere. All you do is shake the can, spray it at your roots by sections in short quick bursts. Let it dry for about a minute, then I flip my head over and brush it through and my hair looks refreshed and shiny. Plus there’s no white powder left over that you have to worry about. I think this cost $7.99 at Walgreens.  

-Blistex Silk & Shine Chapstick
.Mostly everyone has one lipgloss, lipstick or chapstick that they keep in their purse or I always have it on them. Blistex silk & shine with real silk extracts is my favorite. I’ve been using everyday for literally a few years. I'm pretty sure my lips are addicted to it now. I like how it has a purple case  and it just doesn’t make your lips feel silky and smooth, it also gives them a tint of clear color. It's not like a lipgloss where its sticky. Its more creamy (that’s the best word I could think to describe it). They make a few different types and I’ve tried them but they don’t compare to this one.   

Here’s Aly’s favorites! Make sure to check out her blog!!!!


MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink with SPF 15- This will probably be in my favorites untill the day I die(not that it will be anytime soon:)! I seriously use this every single day, and I LOVE it so much. It smells like vanilla, lasts forever, is the prettiest color ever, and it has an SPF 15- perfect for summer!
Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Pink Frosting-  This has the perfect creamy, moussey texture I could just apply it all day. The color is a light baby pink that has some serious sparkle! It just gives my cheeks a little color and sparkle, while giving me a natural glow.
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in r.s.v.p.- The color if this eyeshadow is seriously------perfect. Such a light, shimmering champagne that is great for low makeup days or as a great base! This little mini one will last me forever, so just get a mini one!
Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten- I think I am obsessed with this. I have had it since April, but really have gotten into it lately. The color is perfect and it has the perfect amount of shimmer. I love it as an all over lid color, but darker skined girls would LOVE this as a highlight.
e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer in Light Beige with SPF 15- I love this because (again) the SPF is perfect for summer. It protects my face and neck, and feels moisturizing. The best part, it that it is only $1! You can pick up a variety of colors and just see what color fits you best!
Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx- This eyeliner is great for when I go swimming, because it is water resistant. It has very high pigmentation, and stay on all day on my waterline. The price is a little......pricey but it is so worth it!
Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow in Laptop- This color is one of the prettiest colors that I own. It applies like a dream, and blends like a charm......okay- this is sounding a little too much like a romance novel. LOL :)
Almay Line Smoothing Concealer in Light/Medium with SPF 10- This concealer feels so good on my under eyes, because it is infused with cucumber! The texture is very smooth and creamy, and it has an SPF of 15.



Dollar Tree Haul


I don’t know if all of you have a “Dollar Tree Store” near you but if you do then you know what I’m talking about. Its like any dollar store but huge with a even huger selection of almost everything. I’ve always loved dollar stores, it’s always to fun to find some cool things that are only a $1. This store is usually a hit or miss sort of thing, sometimes I’ll go there and find nothing and sometimes, like today I’ll find lots of stuff.

Since I was so successful today here, I thought I would do a Dollar Tree Haul, lol….You might be laughing now but wait till you see the all the cool things I got.

L.A. Art Deco Nail Art Décor

These are the nail polishes used for making all different nail designs . They are perfect for this because the brush is very very thin. There really great for creating the zebra/animal designs.  I’ve only seen these sold at dollar or discount stores, never at CVS or a local drugstore. Usually when I go to the Dollar Tree they have about three different color selections but today they had every color in the rainbow. I  was so excited, I bought 5 different colors: gold, hot pink, yellow, black and white. ( I already had them in black and white but there about a year old and I could tell they were getting old so I bought new ones). I wanted to buy every single color they had. There was purple, glitter silver, plain silver, orange, blue, etc. I will definitely be going back soon and getting more. I want to have every color they make..lol..especially bc there only a $1!!

Moisturizing Gloves and Socks

Moisturizing gloves and socks are perfect for a few different reasons. There’s a bunch of different ways you can use the gloves; Slathering your hands with either a really good moisturizer or Vaseline then put the gloves on before bed, your hands will be super soft in the morning! I’m sure there are a few other reason to use them, you can warm them up by putting them in the microwave for a minute or 2 and wearing them for a few minutes while giving yourself a manicure for soft hands and cuticles. 

I especially bought the moisturizing socks because I bought this moisturizing foot masque at Sally's Beauty Supply, and the directions say to apply a thick layer to entire foot & ankle area, then cover feet with a towel or socks ( but warm up the towel and socks first), let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Then take off the towel or socks and rinse feet. I cant wait to try this!

Travel bottles for cosmetic liquids

Everyone needs a few of these. I probably have a dozen of them but since I seem to loose them or throw them away by accident, its good to know that you can get these small (medium or big) bottles for very cheap. This package came with two bottles (both small sizes) one had a normal cap and the other had a spray nozzle. I use these for lots of different reasons. When I clean my bigger makeup brushes and I'm just spot cleaning, I’ll pour some of my brush cleaner into a spray bottle and spray the brush a few times. Its kind of hard to dip a big fluffy brush into a small cup of brush cleaner, so that works perfectly. Sometimes I’ll make my own brush cleaner and store it into one of the bottle with a cap.  I also am really into DIY recipes, I make my own doup of MAC Fix + (well it’s not my receipt, I found a few different tutorials on YouTube). I use these spray bottles for that, maybe I’ll make a post on how to make it soon There’s a ton of different usages for these bottles. Again, 2 for a $1!!!!. Love it!

   (sorry for the horrible quality of this pic)

Pretty Colored Caddies and Baskets

The Dollar Tree is famous for having a whole bunch of different storage containers, caddies, and baskets with a variety of different colors. I already have about 10 in my room, small ones for my makeup, bigger ones for my hair products and containers for my nail products. Since I never seem to stop buying new products I feel like with even all these storage containers I have theirs still never enough room for all my stuff. The one I bought today is ideal for holding your hair brushes, combs or even hair products in.  I already have one in a neon green color but I needed another one, so I found a neon hot pink one. It will look perfect next to the neon green one..lol

There are a few other things I bought but didn’t take pictures bc I felt like it wasn’t that necessary. I bought a cd visor for my car. I’ve literally owned about 100 of these since I got my first car, lol. But something always happens to them, I either lose them, or throw them away with the car I got rid of or who knows..ha!

I bought a new mouse pad ( I have a laptop but I never have gotten used to using the laptop mouse. I need to have a mouse plugged in). The mouse pad I had was so old and they had a really bright purple one. Had to get it!

Last but not least..I bought one of those Over-The-Door Storage Organizers. I had a small one on my door that had 4 little compartments. This one is a lot has 8 pockets and is longer. The more storage I have, the better. I have so much stuff and not enough room to store it all. I’m sure, you being beauty junkies like me can understand. I would love one day to have my own little room just for all my makeup and beauty products. ha! I wish!


Hair Brushes 101


Ceramic/Thermal Brushes



There are all these different types of brushes with different kinds of bristles. There are five main types or classes of brushes (vent brush, paddle brushes, Denman styling brush, thermal/ceramic and round brushes) each designed for a special purpose. Brushes are often determined by their brand name (Denman is an example) but its what you can create shape wise with the brush, that is important. The right brush will give you volume, height, bounce and curl for “big hair” or smooth, flat sleek and straight hair. The right hair tools do make a difference.

What usually happens, (at least it did to me before I got into experimenting with different hair tools), is that we have this one “old favorite” brush that we use for all different types of styling and expect it to be a jack of all trades when in reality its robbing you off getting that style you want.

I named this post “Hair Brushes 101” because I wanted to give you a description of each brush and what type of hair works best with each. I own each one of the brushes above, I’ve realized that I don’t need all of them but that was just me wanting more hair products in my room..lol. But,, im glad I got to try out each brush so I know from now on which brush is best for my hair type and style. I hope this post helps any of you that weren’t aware of the major effects a certain type of brush can give you.

1. Ceramic/Thermal Round Brush:   Round brushes aren’t just for creating curl. The more “open bristle type” is good for creating maximum height and lift. The densely packed real bristle round brush is great at smoothing and straightening your hair, with the tension need for hair that has a natural wave or curl. The size of the brush you use needs to depend on the length of your hair and the effect you want. *Your hair needs to be long enough to wrap around the whole brush*.

These round brushes also come in vent or style types. These brushes work using metal or heat material as the center of the brush and this gets hot by using the heat from your blow dryer. As you increase the heat that is drying your hair it will be working not only on the surface of your hair, but internally as well. You can get effects similar to setting your hair with hot rollers when you really get the hang of using this kind of brush.

  * To use these round brushes correctly; practice makes perfect!!  I have medium length, naturally very thick hair. My hair cut has lots of short layers on the top and longer layers on the       bottom which makes my hair feel a lot lighter. I use the thermal round brush (medium size) to achieve volume at the crown of my head. These brushes also reduce drying time (and that’s super helpful if you have thick hair).

2. Paddle Brush:  Paddle brushes have a cushion base, used to smooth hair without lift or volume. Their used when you have lots or long hair to deal with.They are great to smooth naturally straight hair or to finish off with after using a round brush to straighten wavy, frizzy or curly hair. There very simple to use and actually very popular with men to create smooth shapes without creating any lift.

3. Boar Bristle Round Brush:  If your looking to achieve smooth and shiny hair and is ideal for someone who has thick or wavy hair. It smooths the hair without tearing your hair or leaving static. You can also achieve volume with boar bristle brushes that are “round”. (just like the “round brush is meant to do). These brushes are also very helpful after teasing your hair by smoothing the top hair over the teased part to make it look natural and smooth. Try to purchase a brush like this with natural bristles and make sure you buy the right size. Smaller brushes are good for shorter hair and medium to big brushes are good for long hair.

4. Vent Brush:   This is a good starter brush and  is probably the simplest brush to usen and we all probably own one, but it only gives you the simplest of effects. The “open vents” where air can flow reduces your blow drying time. It’s also used to create root lift and volume for your hair and to give some movement and direction, like flicking out the ends of your hair. It’s a great brush for easing out tangles on medium to thick hair. To get added volume with this brush: hold the hair away from the roots with the brush and spray it lightly with a finishing spray.

5. Denman Styling Brush: I’ve had this kind of brush forever and never knew there was an exact name for it. “Denman” is just a brand name often used to describe this type of brush. They have no vents and a solid couching backing. They are best used on bob haircuts and medium length hair to achieve a little root and to smooth and straighten the lengths and ends of your hair. Like the vent brush, it is easy to use, but if you can’t get the smoothness you want from this brush, it is because your not getting enough tension and you would be better off using a large round brush.

6. The Wide Tooth Comb:  This is something everyone should own. I’m sure you know that you’re not supposed to use any kind of brush when your hair is wet or you can really damage your hair. I use this comb to detangle my hair after I just get out of the shower and use it up until my hair is dry enough to blow dry with a brush. It’s also good to take in the shower with you and comb you hair after applying your conditioner to evenly distribute it.  Its also good to use in the shower if you have a lot of tangles, because if you comb through them with conditioner in your hair, it will be a lot easier when your out of the shower.

I hope this little article on hair brushes helped at least one person..lol. I’m sure you guys way past the “Hair Brushes 101” stage. But I learned a few things about the different types of styles you can achieve with certain brushes. I always learn great new things when doing research. Hope you guys enjoyed this and leave comments! xOxO!


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

This post isn’t going to be one of my usual ones. It doesn’t have to do with beauty products but it does have to do with beauty and body image and the way we look at ourselves everyday. I’m going to share my personal story, not a story I’m exactly proud of but I want to share it because I’m sure I am not the only one who has had these feelings at some point in there lives.

I named this post Mirror Mirror on the wall because of the issues I’ve had with my body image and for all the girls that have and are going through this. Thank god I’ve over come this but it took years for me to even realize that I had an issue.

Throughout my life, I’ve asked myself this question many many times (too many times). It seemed like every mirror gave me a different answer, I would be at a clothing store looking into the mirror after I tried on an outfit and thinking I looked skinny enough to wear this. Then I would come home and put on the same outfit and see something totally different than I did at the store. Sounds nuts, right? I now know, about 10 years later that it was all in my mind and that it wasn’t different mirrors that were making me see something different. It was something called Body Image Disorder, that is actually pretty common.

I’m going to back up all the way from high school (where I really started to have this problem). A lot of girls that age are usually self conscious about how they look, but there's a difference in just being self conscious and being way too critical and not seeing what everyone else see’s. I was in the beginning of my junior year of high school when I first realized I wanted to loose weight. At this point, all I knew is I wanted to go on a “diet” but I didn’t know how extreme I was going to end up taking it. I wasn’t really over weight or fat but I saw other girls that were really skinny and wanted to look like that and I was determined to do it.  Before this, I had a normal attitude when it came to my body image. That all changed when I started this diet.

There were these diet pills called Xenedrin (which were taken off the market about 5 years ago due to a few cases where people had heart attacks from this pill). I think they still sell it without the ephedrine in it. Ephedrine was the ingredient that made it so dangerous and caused your heart to race which caused your metabolism to increase.

I cant exactly remember how, but me and 2 of my other good friends all started taking them. The directions were to take 2 a day and that’s what I started doing but then I would take 4 a day and before I knew it the weight was just melting off me so quickly and I didn’t even exercise.  I obviously loved it and so did my friends, but I was the only one out of my friends who took it too far.  By the end of junior year I lost a good amount of weight. At the time this diet pill was a miracle pill to me, I would make sure I bought a bottle a week before I was about to run out just in case I wasn’t able to get to that store to buy them. It was pretty much like a drug, I couldn’t bare to go one day without these pills. Of course it was mostly all in my mind and I see that now and that’s where my battle with my eating disorder and body image issues really began.

Senior year up until the age of 23 was when I was totally obsessed with dieting, these pills, mirrors, and the scale. My weight would fluctuate throughout these years, but never to a point where I thought I looked fat (so imagine that) and  even though I didn’t believe it nor could see it, people around me were worried. The sickest part about it was when people would tell me I looked way too skinny or that I didn’t look right bc of all the weight I lost ,I took it as a compliment. As long as the comments had to do with the words, skinny, weight loss, bony, etc. it meant (in my sick head) that I looked good.

The two major problems that would make me insane about this was mirrors and my scale. I will never forget when my mom threw out our scale that was in the bathroom bc she noticed I was weighing myself several times a day. She didn’t know that sometimes I was actually weighing myself after I would drink a glass of water! She also didn’t know about the Xenedrin.  I of course went out and bought a scale that I kept hidden in my room, at that time I couldn’t bare to not weigh myself at least a few times a day.

I noticed that my dieting was not normal and my obsession with my body and these topics were way more extreme then my friends were. I would be out with my friends at a diner or wherever and would pick at the small salad I ordered. My friends weren’t stupid though, so I was constantly coming up with lame excuses why I wasn’t hungry…again. They didn’t buy it though. A normal weekly meal plan for me was: for example: on Mondays I would let myself have a small salad (that I made myself) which included maybe 10 pieces of lettuce, 2 cucumbers and tomatoes, a few pieces of onions and if I felt like I should treat myself I would put about 2 or 3 croutons in the salad. I don’t remember using salad dressing and if I did I'm sure it was a fat free, sugar free dressing. I would eat that and I still recall being full (crazy, I know), then I would weigh myself like I did after everything I ate. Then the next day (Tuesday) that was the day I hardly ate anything except 2 glasses of juice (one early in the day and one later or at night). Then the cycle would continue to Wednesday with the salad and so on. The only reason my body let me live off hardly any food was bc of the pills and the fact that my stomach had shrunk so much that I was hardly ever hungry. In the back of my head I knew this wasn’t healthy but it made me happy and the results I was seeing made me even more happy.

I met my first real boyfriend at the end of senior year and even though I remained skinny, I let myself eat more normally and wasn’t so obsessed with what I wasn’t or was eating. I know it was bc I had a boyfriend and didn’t feel like I had to impress anyone at the time. But once we broke up a year later, the first thing I knew I had to do was go on a serious diet bc in my mind it helped me feel better about myself. So I started taking the pills regularly again and stopped eating everyday and the little weight I did gain that past year I made sure I lost it and even some more.  I started going to the gym almost everyday and would work out until I almost passed out and there I was back to seriously dieting and hurting my body again.

It’s like my obsession with not eating and taking those pills was like a yo yo effect and I didn’t realize the damage I could have seriously been doing to my body. Losing weight then gaining weight over and over is horrible for you. The clothes in my closet constantly changed as I moved from size to size. I wasn’t really aware at the time that was dangerous. 

Slowly I learned to treat myself with the same love and respect that others showed me. In the beginning, I cared for myself by simply not gazing into mirrors as much as possible. Yes, in our image-based society, I was actually successful in avoiding mirrors and even my reflections in store windows most of the time. I began focusing on the parts of myself I had always wanted to develop on the inside, rather than on what had started to die on the outside. When I felt more confident with my inner strengths, I gradually began allowing myself more glances into the looking glass. This time I did my best not to ask questions such as who is the thinnest or the prettiest. I did my best not to compare myself to others, to previous versions of myself, or even to possible pictures of what I could look like in the future

So here I am today, 2011 and I thank god that things weren’t worse. I never went to a therapist for my “eating disorder” , I wish I did but at that time I didn’t want to listen to anyone who didn’t agree with the way I felt. I would be lying if I said I was totally over BIS (body image disorder), bc I’m not. There are still a lot of times when I look in the mirror and say to myself, ughh (you look fat or gross). But the difference from then to now is that I eat pretty normal, don’t obsess about what I’m eating, and most importantly I feel comfortable with the way I look. That was not something I was able to say for a long time.

I wanted to post this story because I know there a lot of girls going through the same thing I did, and its not a fun thing to go through. It’s also something you should never be embarrassed or ashamed of. With today’s “body image type” portrayed in advertising as the ideal way to look, there’s no wonder that the number of girls and woman effected by this disorder increase everyday.

Here are some Media and Body Image Statistics:
  • 8 million people in the U.S suffer from an eating disorder

  • 90% are woman and girls

  • 8 out of 10 woman are not happy with their reflection

  • 80% of children are afraid of being fat

  • more than 50% of 10 year old girls wish they were thinner

  • Americans spend more than 40 billion a year on diet and beauty products

  • The average American woman is 5’4 and 140lbs.

  • The average American model is 5’11 and 117lbs.

  • In your lifetime 50,000  people will die as a direct result of their Eating Disorder

  • The current media ideal of thinness is achieved by less than 5% of the female population.


NOTD: Essie Nail Polish: Chinchilly it is!

Yesterday I was out and decided to stop at Sally’s Beauty Supply for some reason. Everytime I go there I end up spending way more money than I intended to, but how can you help it with all of those great goodies. I was actually good, even though I was there for about 45 minutes I only bought a nail polish (the one on the right in the picture), china glaze in avalanche. I was looking for something with more of a greyish/silverish color but that was the closest I could find. (surprisingly since Sally’s usually has a wider variety of nail colors) Its actually more of a shiny dark purple if anything.

So then I stopped at CVS and go figure I ended up buying the other two colors in the picture. I liked them both and couldn’t decide which one looked more like the color I was looking for.

The one to the left is Sally Hansen Xtreme in wet cement and the one in the middle is Essie's chinchilly. I tried each color on a finger when I got home and Essie's chinchilly was the one I liked the most, even though the sally Hansen wet cement was pretty cool too. Essie’s color had more of a grey with light tint of maybe a lavender color. (not really sure how to explain it) so that’s why I took swatches of each color. I have to warn you though, the camera made the colors look slightly off. Especially the Sally Hansen color. The China glaze swatch resembles what the color in the bottle looks but the Sally Hansen’s swatch is a little lighter and has more pigment to it.

I really like this color and its basically what I was looking for. I probably own every other brand of nail polish except for this one. Now I know why essie is considered such a good brand. The size of the brush was perfect and it went on nice and smoothly. You have to use two coats with this color, I usually prefer only using one coat if I can get away with it. But its worth doing the second coat with this or it just doesn’t look right. Thumbs up for essie!


DIY: How To Make Sea Salt Spray (To Get Beachy Waves)

This sea salt spray recipe is used to create that beachy wave look in your hair. It’s a great alternative to the ocean or the sea, it brings out the natural bend or wave in your hair. This will work on all hair types, however if you have poker straight hair or it's really fine, you’'ll just have to put a little more work into this by using some hairspray or a curling iron.  I love this because you only need a few items that you probably already have in your kitchen and if not you could purchase everything for really cheap!  

What you will need:

  • A clean spray bottle that holds 8fl. oz. of water (you can find them at the dollar store)

  • 8fl. oz. of distilled or filtered water.

  • 1 teaspoon of Sea Salt (I like using the more finely grounded stuff because its easier and faster to mix. You can get a large container for $2 or $3)

  • 1/2 teaspoon of Coconut scented conditioner (doesn’t have to be expensive, I used the Sauvé brand for a $1 at the dollar store. This is used to add the beachy scent and also to counteract the drying that the sea salt will cause. (if your hair is extra dry add a little more than a 1/2 teaspoon).

  • A dab of hair gel (preferably unscented otherwise it will interfere with the coconut smell, try using a cheap brand bc the consistency is more runny and will mix better)

Optional Add Ins:

*Essential Oils: if you have dry or coarse hair this is a good option. It will help condition and add some shine. You can use whatever scent you want. Use 3-5 drops

  •   Ylang Ylang is great for sensitive skin and problem scalps

  •   Rosemary is great to help deepen the color of brunette’s hair and Chamomile brightens blonds

  •   Tea Tree Oil is best if you have oiler hair, it wont make it oily or weigh it down

*Extra Sea Salt: you can add a little more if you have oily/thicker hair. The more salt you use the more it will dry out your hair, BUT the more you use the beachier your hair will look  and it will have more hold

*If your recipe doesn’t have enough sea salt, add 1/4 tsp. at a time until you reach the desired level. (Make sure to write down your changes so you will know how much to use if you want to make more)

How To:

  1. Add the water into the bottle leaving about an inch of the bottle empty

  2. Measure 1 teaspoon of sea salt and pour into the bottle. (Use 1 tsp. of sea salt for every 8fl. oz. of water)

  3. Measure a 1/2 tsp. of coconut conditioner and add that in. Shake the bottle

  4. Add a dab of the unscented hair gel and shake the bottle again (you want to make sure the conditioner and gel is mixed well)

  5. Shake the bottle really well, make sure you don’t see any clumps of conditioner or gel. If you do warm up the bottle in the microwave for a few seconds.

  6. Then add whatever essential oil you choose to use. Don’t add more than 5 drops to the mix. Then shake again.

How to style you hair with the spray overnight:

  1. Start with freshly washed hair, detangle any knots gently with a wide tooth comb

  2. Part you hair any way you like

  3. Take a small section of your hair and spray generously with the sea salt spray, then twist that section of hair into a small bun and pin in place on top of your head.  You can use bobby pins or any clips that will work

  4. Repeat until all sections of hair are done. *Choose thicker sections of hair on top to keep the waves loose*

  5. Mist with more sea salt spray and sleep on it. If your hair is still damp in the morning take a blow dryer with a diffuser attached and move around your head until you feel its dry.

  6. Then take out all the pinned sections and mist your hair with some more spray. Randomly twist some sections of hair with your fingers then flip your head, with your blow dryer and diffuser attached  and scrunch your hair while blow drying. (use the medium setting of your blow dryer)

*If you don’t want to wait overnight you can skip the small buns and either braid your hair into 3 sections (this will give you bigger waves). Or you can split your hair into 3 sections, (one in the back and two on each side of your head). Then twist each section (like you did if you were going to do this overnight) except the bun will obviously be bigger. (You can use a hair elastic to keep the bun in place) Mist hair with the spray again. You can either use a blow dryer to dry the buns/ braids or you can sit outside if it's really warm out. When you feel like its dry enough, take out the braids/ buns and flip head over and scrunch while using the blow-dryer.

*You can now play around with it to achieve your desired look; you can add some hairspray to give it more of a curly effect (don’t use too much, you don’t want it to look crunchy)

*If you have naturally straight hair that doesn’t curl easily, you can use a curling iron and wrap random pieces around the curling iron for a few seconds to give it extra waves/curls.

There you go, you should have nice beachy waves!
 You can choose your own way to style your hair, the options I gave you worked for me but I’m sure if you want you can find other ways of using the sea salt spray to get the effect you want. If you guys try this please let me know, I would love to hear how it turned out! Have a fab day beauties


Beauty of the Day: Mila Kunis

How gorgeous is Mila Kunis? I used to think she was so cute when she was on that 70’s show but now she has transformed into one of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. This picture is from the  movie premiere of her new move “Friends with Benefits” in new york city.
Her makeup artist Tracey Levy was inspired to give her a look similar to that of Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida, aka: gorgeous bronzed skin, eyes that popped with nearly nude lips. I think her mission was accomplished greatly. Here’s a list of the products used to achieve this look: All makeup by Lancôme

    - Teint Miracle Foundation
    - Star Bronzer in Solaire
      - Color Design 5 Pan Palette In Bronzer Amour                                                     
   - Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara  
         -Juicy Tubes Gloss in Tickled Pink


Vaseline’s my new best friend

If you are like me, you love multitasking and cheap products that work! Right?! One of the best kept beauty secrets is actually Vaseline. Who would have know that you can use this $4 product to kill so many beauty birds with one stone. I am going to list some of the ways you can benefit from petroleum jelly: 

Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly

1.) Tame your unruly eyebrows with your eyebrow comb and a dab of Vaseline
2.) Sooth chapped winter lips, elbows, or other dry areas  with Vaseline.
3.) Vaseline removes make up in a snap! (my personal favorite usage for Vaseline).
4.) If you have a habit of picking your cuticles,  Vaseline softens them to make it less tempting to pick at them.
5.) If you apply a small amount to your cheeks, it gives a dewy look
6.) If you put Vaseline under your eyeshadow, it gives it a sexy wet look to your everyday matte.
7.) Eczema sufferers, Vaseline can help improve atopic eczema
8.) Want softer hands or feet?  Put a coat of Vaseline on your feet at night, cover them with socks, do the same with your hands and use cotton gloves.
9.) Feel like your perfume could last longer? Well, put some Vaseline on your wrist before you spritz, it will keep you smelling wonderful all day and night.

I know that some of these tips are common, but until I did some research on the usage of Vaseline I was never aware of some of them. Especially, the perfume tip and the cuticles tip.

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Cat Eye/Winged Out Liner:


Ahh!! the famous winged out cat eye look. This is a look I’ve always admired, especially on Nicole Richie. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it looks really great on her eye shape or if it’s the style she does (it’s probably both). For you guys that have tried to achieve this look probably know its not the easiest to do, when your first beginning anyway. I know for me that was the case, I’ve bought so many different brands and types of liquid liner (that are now are all lonely piled up in my makeup draw). I would practice, practice AND practice this look determined to get it right.

 My problem was that one eye would look okay but then I could never get the other eye to look the same!!. I watched multiple tutorials on youtube, followed every magazines step by step articles, then after what seems like years of trying to get this down to a science I finally did it. (and both eyes even matched)!! Now I know exactly why I wasn’t doing it right. First you need to find the right liquid eyeliner (or it could be gel or pencil liner). I finally found my favorite liquid eyeliner, L'Oreal's Felt Tip liquid liner and it made the process so much easier. Then you have to make sure you have your chin up while looking in the mirror, this way you can make sure your getting the liner as close to the lash line as possible. While your doing that you can hold the skin of your upper lid taught, and dot the liner along the upper lash line. Then extend the line upward at the outer corner of your eye ( make sure you don’t make the line too high). Then where the top of that line is hold the liner and in a quick motion make a downward line in the style of “Nike sign” (or look at Nicole's eye and I might start to make sense lol). Then with the liner fill in the shape you just made. Remember when you first start dotting the liner along your upper lash line start thin and make the line thicker as you get to the outer 3rd part of your eye. (that will also help you make that “Nike” sign im trying to to explain). Then do the other eye being careful to make sure both eyes match( you don’t want one line higher on one side than the other). I've had to use several cotton swabs to try and make them look even. I'm happy to say (even though it literally took me a few years of practice) I'm pretty sure I’ve finally mastered the cat/winged eyeliner. There’s a really great tutorial on youtube by Eve Pearl on how to do this. She literally goes over each step while showing you at the same time. It really helped me. 

Review: Generic Version of the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Generic Value Products is a line that makes generic versions of high end hair products. The one I'm reviewing is Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum. They have a lot of different comparisons to some great brands, to name a few, (Biology, Redken, Matrix and many more). The beauty of this is that they claim to have the same exact ingredients that Paul Mitchell's super skinny serum does. On a scale from 1 to 10 I’m giving this product a 10 and here's why:

I should tell you a a little about my hair type so this makes sense. I have very thick hair, that is now cut short layers and long layers (which has helped to thin out my hair a lot), and the length is about 2 inches past my shoulders. If I was to let my hair air dry w/o any products applied it would be fizzy, dull looking with no shine or body at all. (not a cute look for me).

I’ve tried so many different serums including Paul Mitchell’s and I was in love. I never ended up purchasing it bc it was a little on the pricy side, I want to say it was around $25 for a medium size bottle. I was determined to find something just as good with a smaller price tag.

I was at Sally’s Beauty Supply with my friend one day and she pointed this out and said it really does the same thing as Paul Mitchell's brand. Of course I was skeptical especially after seeing that it only cost $7.99. She showed me the back of the bottle where it lists all the ingredients in the generic brand and in the real brand, and they both had the same exact ingredients. So I had to give it a try.

 ( it was hard for me to get a good picture showing the back of the bottle bc of way the bottle is shaped, but if you look closely I think you can see that both brands have the same ingredients)

I came home and took a shower, applied my leave in conditioner then applied this product. *Quick Tip: The best way to apply styling products (especially serums and gels) is to put a dime size amount into your palms, rub them together then flip your head over and start at the ends of your hair and work your way up till the mid shaft. You want to take your time while doing this to make sure every strand has been coated.** I don’t apply this past the mid shaft because that will just weigh down the top leaving me with no volume. I use a root boosting spray for the roots and the crown for extra body and volume.

I was highly impressed with this product, after blow drying my hair it was frizz free, soft and shiny! I would usually make a pros and cons list but I cant really think of any cons, except if you apply too much it could make your hair look greasy but that applies to any type of hair serum. I am so happy I found this product . Seriously! It’s three times cheaper than Paul Mitchell’s skinny serum, the bottle is bigger and I got the same results that I would if I was using the more expensive brand.

I’ve had this bottle for about a year now and still have a little less than a half a bottle left, I would have more If my mom didn’t use it time from time on her hair, lol she loves it too so I’m happy to share. I’m very eager to go to Sally’s and try their other products to see if they’ll also have the same effect. I strongly recommend this for you girls that either are using Paul Mitchell’s serum but don’t want to spend as much or if you’re looking for a really good product to eliminate frizz. You wont be disappointed, trust me!!!
Suggested Retail price $7.99 at Sally’s Beauty Supply stores or if you order it from their website http://www.sallybeauty.com it’s usually cheaper


How To: Use Concealer To Cover Up Blemishes

I’ve realized you can drink as much water as you can a day, get the normal 8 hours of sleep and even eat really well , but we’re still going to have breakouts occasionally. It’s always my luck that my skin will breakout at the worst possible times (dates, weddings, proms) you know how it goes. I know that popping a pimple is not a good idea, but I’m sorry, there’s no way I can go out with a big whitehead on my face. There’s just something about whiteheads that grosses me out (obviously) so the last thing I want is someone to be staring at this grossness on my face. (maybe its just me or my insecurities) so I do end up popping them. Only if its necessary, I don’t try to pop a pimple unless it comes to the whitehead stage, (yuk) I don’t even like saying or typing the word “whitehead”..
Using the right tools, concealer and steps you can cover up that monster and go about your day!

(if you look closely you can tell that Megan Fox covers up her pimples and you can hardly tell)!

Covering a Blemish

1. After you’ve washed your face, apply an ice cube to the zit for a few minutes. Ice will help the redness and swelling go down. Also, try applying a little drop of Visine, it takes the red out of your eyes and does the same for your zit. *If it’s already been popped apply a salicylic acid medicine. I like Clean & Clear’s popped pimple relief gel pen.
2. Apply your foundation, powder or whatever your preference is. Always apply your foundation before covering up pimples, not the other way around.
3. Get your concealer out, cream concealers are the best for covering blemishes. I use Maybelline’s Dream Mouse Concealer. It should also match your skin perfectly, I’ve heard many times that you should choose a shade lighter. No, using a lighter shade just draws more attention to the blemish.
4. Put some concealer on your brush (pointy brushes work the best for this). Have you guys ever used the method stippling to apply your foundation? Well, this works really well for concealing too. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this method, Stippling means to dab the product on rather than rubbing or stroking the product onto your skin”. I've found that stroking or rubbing the concealer on doesn’t give you the heavy coverage you want and it ends up rubbing off.
5. Now blend the outer edges of the concealer into your foundation. Don’t touch the zit, if you find that it looks cakey or thick just keep stippling it in.
6. Once you’ve done that take loose powder and a small fluffy brush and set the area with the powder gently. You don’t want to rub off the work you just did.
This wont cover up the actual bump, makeup only corrects the color, not texture. Chances are you’ll probably still see the bump but as long as it matches the rest of your face it will be so much less noticeable.


How To: Zebra Nails!


I’ve always loved different types of nail art and designs, ever since I was old enough to paint my own nails. It’s just fun to do plus it looks really cool. One of my favs is the zebra/animal print. I do this all the time, especially in the summer bc I like doing them on my toes too. Before the first time I tried it myself I didn’t know exactly how to go about it or what kind of nail polish to use. I was looking for a tutorial on YouTube and I found Kandee Johnson’s video on how to do zebra nails. She made it look so easy so I literally watched her do one of her nails as I was doing mine then I was able to do the rest of my nails in 5 minutes. So it's really that easy!

For those of you who don’t know who Kandee Johnson is, she’s a YouTube guru, professional makeup artist and extremely talented. Plus she’s one of my favorite guru’s. I’m going to post her video in this post for you guys to see. 


Egg Your Face!!

How to Add Eggs to Your Beauty Routine

I never realized that that these simple eggs could be used to my benefit (besides for eating)! But for beauty, there’s a few great recipes I've found that you can add to your beauty routine tonight! 

1. Egg and Honey Face Mask

Whip up one egg and a teaspoon of honey together in a bowl

Apply evenly to your face, avoiding your eyes and wait for it to dry

After 15- 20 min wash your face with lukewarm water

The egg tightens pores and the honey moisturizes.

For Normal to Dry Skin: Use only the Yolk of the Egg

For Oily Skin: Use only the Egg White

2. Egg, Vinegar and Olive Oil Hair Conditioner

Mix together 2 eggs and 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Coat your hair thoroughly with the mixture and cover with a shower cap.

Wait 30-45 minutes and rinse out with lukewarm water. If you use too hot of water, the egg might start to

harden which will turn into a nasty mess

The final step is to do a final rinse with 1/2 a cup of vinegar.

The olive oil seals in moisture and conditions your hair, while the letchin and protein of the egg helps to moisture and strengthen your strands. Adding vinegar at the end adds shine to dull hair.

3. Egg White and Oatmeal Acne Mask  

In a small bowl beat the whites of one egg until smooth

Add 1 teaspoon of oatmeal and mix together until it forms a paste

Apply evenly to your skin and let dry for about 15 minutes

Rinse off with lukewarm water

Egg whites act as an astringent which tightens pores and tones the skin, while oatmeal draws out oils and impurities.

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