Hey Blog Dolls!!!!
 I hope your having a great weekend, whether your getting some Christmas shopping done or decorating the tree or whatever you might be doing, I hope it's a good one.. 

I'm very excited to have one of my friends Dylan,  from Rivuletsbeautyblog guest blog today. Make sure to check out his blog if you haven't already. It's definitely worth it :) Thank you Dylan for taking the time out to deliver this great post!!

Well hi there Kelly's friends! I'm Dylan, from Rivuletsbeauty, and I'm your guest blogger for the day!

I'm a bit of a nail junkie, I wear nail art 24/7 and love every minute of it! I'm gonna be showing you ladies and gent(s) how to recreate this festive, fun candy striped nails for this Christmas season! Check 'em out...

Very cute, fun for parties, or just all the time for the holiday season.

Here's my arsenal for today.

From left to right:

-OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

-Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polish in White On

-OPI You're Such a Kabuki Queen

-OPI Colour so Hot it Berns

-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat

-OPI Drip Dry (♥)

You'll also need two thin brushes, one thinner than the other, to get the different sized lines. Let's jump into the breakdown!

*Step 1 

After applying a base coat, apply two coats of a bright white nail polish. I love this white Xtreme wear polish, it does tend to streak up a little bit if you're not careful, but two coats is like using white out on your nails. Did you guys ever do that in high school? So bad, but so fun. The best way I find to get the most streak free coat is to spread out the brush at the base of the center of the nail and pull up, then to to back and touch up the sides.

*Step 2

Okay, I admit, I cheated a little... I mixed two parts of my white polish and one part of my pink polish to make a light pink. It would be better if you had a light pink, but hey, we can improvise! Use your medium size brush and apply one diagonal line right across the center of your nail, then two more lines at the opposing corners.

*Step 3

Okay, I'm improvising again! I'm using a script brush that I stole from a dark red nail polish i have, simply because I don't have another I could use for my bright red. Simply follow along one side of your pink line to get the candy stripe look. This is a good opportunity to clean up any messy lines you may have made (:

*Step 4

After giving all that plenty of time to dry so we don't get any nasty blurs, apply two coats of your favourite top coat (this sally hansen one does wonders for preventing streaking!) and, even though I used a quick dryin top coat, I used my OPI drip dry as well. Since there are a few layers of polish on this nail, it never hurts.

So that`s my piece, it was super fun writing this blog for you guys! Thanks so much to Kelly for letting me guest blog on her channel, and if you`re a reader that hasn't already checked out my channel, I would love you forever if you did so! You can catch me at www.rivuletsbeauty.blogspot.com, or on youtube under rivuletsbeauty, even on facebook! (:

Until we meet again,

Dylan (: ♥♥



  1. From this guy's perspective, I really had no idea how much time and effort went into painting nails... my gawd! I have to say, that's one thing that is certainly admired... nice painted nails & toes!   

  2. Love this look! Thanks Dylan! Now heading over to his blog!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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