Monday December 19th 2011 BLOG HOP!!

Monday Beauties Blog Hop December 19th 2011

Hello Beauty Lovers and Bloggers! :) Welcome back to Monday Beauties blog hop! Where we hope to create a place where bloggers can come together and share their links in a friendly and supportive manner! If you are saying "What the hell is a blog hop?" just click here to see the INFORMATION post! (You can also find the times and days of the event there) :)

This is Nykki from Nykki's Mane Blog
She is the Host & Creator of the blog hop :)
Make sure to follow her blog! :)

Now let's get to business: Here are the very simple rules:

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Featured Blogs :)

Go check out A Thing of Beauty's Blog!


  1. Hey honey I've just discovered this blog hop (maybe a little too late hehe) and I am really interested in it. I have followed you lovely ladies and I am looking forward to next weeks now :)
    Would it be possible to maybe have some info on it and the #bbloggers on twitter? I seen something about a chat tonight and just wanted to get involved.
    Thanks hun,



  2. www.sjmwelll.blogspot.com9:12 PM

    following on gfc: sjmwell & already follow you on twitter :)

  3. Glamuslim9:31 PM

    Just starting to get into beauty blogging after reading so many of these great ones for years! I'd love comments and tips!

  4. Stefanie Gladden11:50 PM

    hey brand new to this blog hop!!! I subscribe & follow this blog! :)

    I'm a brand new beauty blogger!http://charmedlifelove.blogspot.com/ 

  5. Yeahh!! I'm glad you joined and liked it. You'll wanna come back every week lol.
    I'm following your blog too :)

  6. I'm glad you like it and hope you continue to read blogs. Do you have a blog, if so give me the link so I could follow

  7. Thank you!!! Im following back :))

  8. Nisha31rc3:46 AM

    Hey new to this blog hop i subscribed to this blog x 

  9. Yeah, happy to here. The blog is very nice. I like it.

  10. Hayley Campbell2:09 PM

    Following you and nikki as Hayley n GFC and added my link :) id love to add the blog hop image to my blog but as a newbie im unsure how to do it! do i copy and paste into something? help! id love to tell me followers about this! 

    Hayley http://onewaytickettogorgeous.blogspot.com/

  11. hey, im new to blog hop, i am following this blog
    please check out my blog if you can and follow http://penelopesbeautyobsession.blogspot.com/

  12. hey im new to blog hop, ive followed this blog,
    can you please check out mine and follow http://penelopesbeautyobsession.blogspot.com/

  13. I'm glad you joined! Do you like it so far?

  14. Thank you! That's so sweet!


  15. Awww!! Thank you!!! I'm going to email you and try to tell you how to add the button :)

  16. Sure!!! i'm glad you joined! How did you hear about it?
    I'm following your blog :)

  17. Yea of course!!! Im following right now and Im glad you joined the blog hop! Where did you hear about it?

  18. i found it on someones blog, i cant rememeber who now lol


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