NOTD: Red Carpet Christmas!

Hello Dolls!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! This weekend we put up the Christmas tree and decorated the house. That always puts me in the holiday spirit. I’ve been excited to do a few festive theme manis throughout the month and today's nails are decked out in red, green and gold. I began with my usual basecoat, Sally Hansen's Complete Care 4 in 1 treatment. Then I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear's Red Carpet. Red Carpet is a pretty jelly based deep red with very fine glitter. The formula applied very smoothly and was completely opaque with just 2 thin coats.  I really love this color, its almost like a ruby red because of the light glitter. Then I applied a thin coat of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat. 

Then I taped off the tips in a diagonal line (with regular scotch tape) and painted them green. I couldn't believe that I didn't have a regular green in my collection. I actually just bought this color called Permission to Proceed by Wet n Wild's new nail line, Spoiled. It was the closest shade to a true green I had. I would have preferred a darker color but this will do. 

Then I used one of L.A Art Deco Nail Art polishes in gold glitter to draw a line right under the green tips. As you can see the color in the bottle compared to the color on my tips are a little different, the green is much darker than it looks in the bottle. I thought if I added a thin coat of clear glitter to just the tips it might help the green shade to appear a little darker. Not sure if it helped but I like the glitter anyway.  This mani was topped off by my favorite fast dry top coat by Seche Vite.

Overall, I like idea of the green tips and gold stripe, I just wish I was a little bit neater.  I should have used my striper brush instead of using the brush that came with the Art Deco polish. 
However, every time I look at my nails now it reminds me that its really Christmas time which is good bc sometimes we get so caught up with our everyday busy lives and before we know it Christmas is over. I look forward to showing you my next holiday mani next week!!

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  1. TamyrV7:05 PM

    I love it!!
    I like the picture with the beads of the same color. Great idea Kelly!

  2. Gianna_MakeupAndMe7:46 PM

    Ahhhh so pretty! I love chrissie nail looks :)

  3. This manicure definitely reminds me of Christmas - it's very festive and fun! :) I think you did a wonderful job. It's not easy lining up all the colours, but you did it.

    I placed my vote in your poll. Hehe, can you guess what I voted for? It should be no surprise at all - Nail Looks/Nail Care. ;)

  4. Really? Thank you!!!! You're so sweet :)

  5. Thanks doll!!! I do too :)

  6. You have no idea how much it means to me that you think my nails actually look good! lol. Your blog is so great and your nails are always so pretty!! Your blog honestly inspires me, (sorry if i sound corny) lol but its true!
    Thank you soo much!!


  7. beautybymissl6:51 AM

    Perfect christmas mani! I like it!

  8. sally k10:21 AM

    I love, love, love this mani.  It's perfect for the holidays.  Hey, have you tried tape manis yet?  That's how I get all my lines straight :)

  9. Thank you!!!! I used tape for the green tips and they came out pretty straight. But for the gold I used a L.A Art Deco Nail Art polish, sometimes those brushes can be annoying lol.
    Thanks for following :))

  10. This is so festive & fun! You've inspired me to try a holiday mani, too!
    I found you on the Monday beauties blog hop (although I was too late to add mine to the list this week I'm browsing everyone's blogs today!)

  11. Thank you!!! That's funny bc I just started following your blog & left a comment like 5 min ago! lol. Thank you for stopping by and you'll read my comment soon anyway :)


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