Purse Party! What's in your purse?

I've seen a lot of "What's in my purse" videos on YouTube but you don't see a lot of bloggers post about it. I guess because it makes more sense since we can actually see whats in your purse but you can always take pictures and post them.

So I was excited when I got invited to join a What's in your purse party? Great Idea, right? Reni from in HER shoes came up with this idea. I said yes right away bc I've never actually did one of these posts. So thank you for the invite! Ok so lets see what's in my purse, (im almost scared lol).

I'm not too embarrassed to let you guys know my purse is a mess inside because I know I cant be the only one. I usually call my purse the black hole bc I can never seem to find anything when I need to. Oh and of course I happen to be using a purse from 5 years ago bc I spilt something in my other one the other day and had to change purses and this is the first one I grabbed. I usually use a lot bigger purses. I love big purses! Ok, I'm gonna dump everything out now.

I'm actually surprised, I usually have a lot more crap in my purse but its probably bc like I said before I just switched purses the other day so there hasn't been enough time, but don't worry it will turn into a black hole again soon enough. 


  • My Blackberry- I don't go ANYWHERE without my phone. It's always right next to me but since I emptied everything out after just coming home that's why it was in my purse
  • Hand Creme- Jergens Ultra Healing Hand Creme. I cant leave without this either, especially in the winter when my hands tend to get dry quickly. 
  • Gum- I think its Wrigley's gum, the pieces must have fell out of the package so I tied them up with one of my hair elastics. 
  • Cough Drops- I actually despise the way Hall Cough Drops taste, Yuk! But I had a sore throat a few days ago
  • MAC's Mineralized Powder- I don't always have this with me, it depends on where I'm going. This helps if I'm gone for a while and my face gets oily or just needs to be touched up
  • Hair Elastic & Bobby Pins- Cant leave home without at least one hair elastic. I'm not too sure why I have more than 5 bobby pins in my purse, I don't use them that often
  • Mini Hair Clip- I think this was in my hair a few days ago and I ended up taking it out
  • Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream- I just bought this recently and thought it would be a good idea to keep with me. 
(The magazine wasn't in my purse, just a picture background. I had to take 2 separate pics bc everything wouldn't fit)


  • Revlon's Lip Gloss- I don't really use this too much, I'm not a big fan but for some reason I have it with me
  • Blistex Chap stick- this is another cant leave home without item. I've been using this same exact chap stick for years. I love it
  • Bad Gal Lash Mini Mascara- I like to keep mini products like mascara in my purse. I like this mascara too. 
  • Bic Pen- You never know when you'll need a pen
  • Rat-tail Comb- I keep this with me in case my hair gets flat during the day, I can just tease it a little
  • Pure DKNY perfume- I was sent this perfume from the beauty site DailyMakeover.com. It's a new version of DKNY, it smells good. I'm almost out of it though. 
  • Nail File- I used to have one of those mini nail files that you attach to your key chain but of course I lost that so I keep this one with me. Nothings worse than being out and getting a snag in your nail and not having a nail file on you. 
I just realized I forgot to put my wallet in the picture, oh well. It's a thin purple wallet, there's a name for these kinds of wallets and I cant for the life of me think of it. Hmm..
Anyway, that's everything I had in my purse, nothing too exciting. If I did this a few weeks ago it would have been a mess lol. I had fun doing this post, so thanks again for inviting me to your purse party!!!

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  1. How could you forget the wallet? Lol great stuff my purse is boring lol

  2. inHERshoes5:57 PM

    yay! thanks for coming to the party!  omg, your purse is a lot more organized than mine even though it might have been the same size!  it's weird, but i think it's kinda fun to see what's in other people's purses!

  3. chantel alford6:45 PM

    Great post! I have been wanting to blog about this for some time; just havent had the time =) Thanks for sharing <3

  4. I have a purse that looks almost exactly like yours, how funny! =)

  5. Your welcome!!! It was fun :) But believe me, my purse is hardly ever organized, I wish it was so I wouldn't have a fit everyday trying to find stuff lol.

  6. Yayy!! No problem!! It was my first time doing this kind of post.

  7. haha! Really? That is funny, this purse is probably 5 years old. Im so mad I ended up spilling something in my other purse the other day and had to switch everything really fast

  8. Mara N.10:43 PM

    OMG! Your handbag is the same one I had been eyeing for awhile but never bought Lol I love it, even if you say its an old one ( : I'm glad to know I am not the only large handbag lover (even though I am sporting a medium sized one now) Great post!

  9. This was my first time making one of these posts too! I'm glad you joined us! :) Reni is always filled with so many great ideas, huh? Anyway, I will need to try that perfume! I love perfume so much and the fact that you're almost out of it must mean that it's that awesome! ;)

  10. Thanks, I dont remember where I got it but I know it wasn't expensive. I have to have a big purse, even though I think that makes my purse a lot more messy. But oh well! lol

  11. That was a good idea! I never think of creative things like that lol. If you like the original DKNY perfume, you'll most likely like this one too. It's just a little bit lighter. Yep, I used the whole thing :(



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