NOTD: Christmas Lights and Snowmen!

I honestly can't believe how quick Christmas snuck up on me this year, I feel like I was just laying out in the sun. Time goes by way too quickly and Im not sure I like it This is probably going to be my last Holiday Themed Mani  since Christmas is what, only 3 days away?! I really wanted to do at least 2 more but for some reason I've been busier than I thought :( Oh well, I cant wait to do New Years Eve nails. Those are gonna be fun :)

This mani took a lot more time than my others because it included a lot more steps. I first did a normal french manicure on all my nails except for my two ring fingers. Then I added the black cords for the lights and used a bunch of my Art Deco Nail Art Polishes for the Christmas lights.

On my left hand I painted a tiny snowman and on my right hand I painted just the snowman's face. I'm a little dissapointed that my little snowman came out lop sided on my nail, but it's okay.

I'm sure you can tell how bad the lights on my right hand came out compared to the ones on my left hand (I'm right handed). Another oops! But I am pretty happy with how the snowman's face came out.

Overall, Im pleased with the way they came out, I'm not a professional so I can't expect my nails to look like they were professionaly done :)))


Even though it's a few days earlier I wanna wish all my followers and anyone that see's this a Safe Happy Holiday!!! Love you all :)))

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  1. glossandglitz2:00 AM

    I absolutely LOVE this xmas mani!!! SO festive! Good job!! :)

  2. Ashley Gray2:06 AM

    This is too cute!

  3. This is to cute! You did a great job

  4. Hayley Campbell6:27 AM

    amazing! very festive and cute :)

    Hayley x

  5. Oh this is so cute!  I love the little lopsided snowman - he kind of looks like he is dancing! I attempted three times to do a festive manicure and ended up just painting them red because I was so frustrated!  I may yet add some glitter but that is as festive as it gets for me this year, lol!  Great job!! 

  6. beautybymissl9:43 AM

    The small snowman looks sooo cute. I like this mani!

  7. MariJo Nails11:07 AM

    This is nice!!  Don't feel bad about the right hand, I have the same problem.

  8. Exclusivelyglamm12:02 PM

    Wow Kelly, you did a really good job. I wish I had the uninterrupted time and patience for this.

  9. Thanks!!! lol you're right, he kinda does look like he's dancing. Thats funny! I get frustrated too, it took me forever to do this bc I try to make it perfect but that will never happen. I'm sure your nails look great!

  10. Thank you! I know, im usually not that bad using my other hand but when it comes to detailed stuff like this forget about it lol

  11. Thanks Kim! I'm glad your back! 

    Merry Christmas! 

  12. Wow, girl, this is so adorable!  I think you did a fantastic job!!  Wish you could do mine.  :)

    Merry Christmas to you & your family.  Hope Santa makes all of your wishes & dreams come true!

    Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. Aww!! Thanks! You just made my day lol.

    Merry Christmas to you guys as well and Im sure I will be seeing a great Christmas haul on your blog soon :))



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