Interview with Karma from ~Karma Kisses~

1. Mino Bio?

My name is Kris but you can call me Karma =) I am a young, fun, & sometimes flirty (with my husband of course!) So with that being said, I'm a 22yr old wife, mother of 2, part-time model & one very ambitious woman. I'm a Libra and very random. I like to think of myself as a paradox.

2. Where can we find you?

Why here, of course! http://mykarmakisses.blogspot.com
FB, because who DOESN'T have FB!? http://fb.com/KarmaD.Me or my fan page:http://fb.com/DevyneKarma
Twitter, @KarmaDevyne
Tumblr, http://karmakisses.blogspot.com

3. What inspired you to start blogging?

I actually wanted to start a blog to allow my fans from my modeling to get to know me a little better behind the scene. Which kind of inconsistent on my part *guilty* Hoooowwweeevvverrr! My friend Ashley, you can find her at http://theprettypisces.blogspot.com/, showed me the light of Blogger and I immediately became addicted, lol. So I guess I must say that my inspiration came from Ash and my love of beauty.

4. What type of posts can we find on your blog?

Mainly beauty posts. I find that if I vary too much I will eventually get off course and that's no bueno.

5. How many times a month do you think you shop for beauty projects?

Oh gosh. I really don't know. At one point it was like every other day unless I did a huge haul. Now since funds are low and I'm trying to be more practical, it's either once a month or whenever we can afford the spare funds for me to burn.

6. Name a few blogs you enjoy reading?

The Pretty Pisces (theprettypisces.blogspot.com)
Nykki's Mane Blog (mymaneblog.com)
Beauty Obsessed (beautyobsessed2.blogspot.com)
MakeUp Chic, Literary Geek (makeupchicliterarygeek.com)
Operation Grooming (operationgrooming.com)

7. If you could tell people one reason why they should check out your blog, what would it be?

Because I'm fricking awesome!! LOL, no really, although I am awesome my posts are my thoughts and I put a lot into them, I appreciate the follows, the comments, and the advice.

8. Whats your favorite part of blogging?

The fact that someone cares what I have to say. Every time I log in and see that I have a new follower it makes me smile. When I'm blogging I'm not just a SAHM [stay-at-home mom], I'm not just a housewife. I'm a writer, I'm a critic, I have voice and it's a voice that people actually listen to and it's a CHOICE that they made. It's a great feeling.

9. Do you think blogging has changed your life in anyway, if so, how?

LOL, it's kind of like I said in #8, it gives me a sense of presence. I'm mean, yeah I'm someone in life, but through blogging, I'm a viral someone =)

Thanks Karma for doing this interview :) I'm glad I found your blog, you have a great sense of humor. Keep up the good work! :)

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