I usually only paint my nails once a week, I feel like if I was to paint them more than that it wouldn't be good for my nails,  but if you saw my last NOTW post with the Snow Me White and Rock Star Pink glitter added you know that I was not happy with the results at all. So I made an exception and took it off today and tried something different. 

Sinful Colors has become one of my favorite nail polish brands, I didn't realize how many different colors they have and I find there brush very easy to use unlike some other ones and so far I have had no problem with the formula.

I used Whats Your Name, an awesome blueish, purple & green glitter that's packed in a black shiny base. I love the formula in this polish, it's extremely pigmented and shiny. Of course the pictures I took don't do justice. I should have waited till tomorrow so I could have taken them in the sunlight but I didn't want to wait lol. Here's what this color looks like using 2 coats,  if you look carefully you can see the tiny blue and purple particles.


Then I layered it with Wet n Wild, Wild Shine in Hallucinate, a crystal clear glitter polish. Again, the pictures don't really do justice. Maybe I will take more pics tomorrow when the sun is out to give you the real effect. But for now, hopefully you get the idea :)


Isn't glitter awesome?!? Sorry, I guess I'm just getting used to the whole layering technique and how much one coat of glitter can enhance almost any color. This Wet n Wild crystal clear glitter made this mani 10x better, in my eyes anyway. I only used one coat of the glitter, maybe I could have used 2 but I didn't think it was necessary. 
In the picture it just looks like a dark black polish with a top coat of glitter but really, the base looks like a very dark greenish/black color with an opaque finish and a pretty  shiny glitter. It's a definite upgrade from my last manicure a few days ago lol. 

What nail trends or colors are you into right now?

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  1. Powdered Almond4:31 AM

    Lovely combination! I esp like the base colour - Sinful Colours isn't a brand which rings any bells immediately, so perhaps they are hard to come by in the UK. I will investigate though because they look lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog too, I always appreciate it! xx

  2. Sarirah Hamid5:32 AM

    It's funny because I used to dislike glitter quite abit but now I'm really starting to like it; this is no exception. You've got some real space/galaxy stuff going on there. Love it.

    Is it hard to get it off your nails? I find that sometimes the glitter doesn't come off well. x

  3. Thank you!!! I wished I would have waited to take the pictures bc it was dark. I think Im gonna take the pics over today in the sunlight so you can see the real effect. Sinful Colors is only sold at Walgreen's here in the U.S as far as I know of. Its a good brand and very inexpensive. Thanks for stopping by :))))

  4. I was the same way. lol.. The only thing is it is hard to take off. Someone told me to soak your nails in warm water for a minute to help break up the polish. I guess it helps a little, but its still a pain.
    Thanks for reading!! :)

  5. zoe.121:31 PM

    Gorgeous! love this combo.


  6. I loooooooove Sinful Colors. I have been stalking blogs to see when they are going to do their $.99 sale again. I plan to buy a ton..as if I need it. I have that same Wet and Wild glitter. I used it over a purple color but I did a very thin coat and I loved it as well. I'm usually not into the glitter but it must be something about that brand of it.

  7. Tigereyes20018:31 PM

    I LOVE sinful colors! Definitely one of my favorite polishes! And the black with the glitter looks great! I have a very similar Sinful Colors polish... Possibly the same one! Hi! New follower from Let's Get Hoppin' Monday Blog Hop! I hope you'll stop by and follow back! Thanks! Through the Eyes of a Tiger

  8. Hey!!!
    Thanks so much!! I just added my link to your blog hop and Im following :)) Sinful colors are great!!! I used to think they were just a cheap brand of nail polish bc there so cheap! But then I actually started using them lol and realized how great their quality is. Talk about a beauty bargain! Look forward to talk to you more!!!

  9. Me and you both girl!!! The quality is so great for the price. I went on a nail polish binge the other day at walgreen's and bought 4 more polishes by Sinful Colors lol. I couldnt help myself. I've been waiting to see them for 99 cents too, If I find out I will let you know and you do the same. Even though it probably will be different where we live but you never know :))

  10. Thanks doll!! I'm happy with it too, it def beats the last NOTW i posted lol

  11. Odusee Shopping1:21 AM

    Nice combo here....love it....


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