So this nail look of the week was created around Sally Hansen's nail polish strips in check it out. As you can see there not your traditional checkered look but they still look like checkers. I've had these strips for a while and wanted to use them but I don't like applying them to all my nails. I feel like it takes too long and besides I like painting my nails but there fun to use on a few nails here and there.

Originally, I wanted to use them on both thumbs, ring finger on my left hand and my index finger on my right hand. Well for some reason the strip I applied to my index finger started to peel at the top of my nail right away so I took it off.  So I have the polish strips on my ring finger on my left hand and on both thumbs.  To replace the lack of design/polish strip on my the index finger, I knew I had to do something with that nail. So I applied a coat of Crackle polish in Ink Splatter over white polish. The name Ink Splatter is exactly what my nail looks like too, an actual Ink blob, very artsy! Here's a close up of that one nail:

Doesn't this look like actual blobs of Ink? 

On the rest of my nails I just used regular black and white polish. I really like the black and white look, especially with the checkered design and the ink blobs lol. This is the first time I used Crackle in this color, I've only used one other and that was the Tin Foil and Im pleased with both. I used Snow Me White by Sinful Colors for the white polish. I'm very impressed with how well this applied. I've used other brands of whites and either had it apply crappy looking or not as opaque. With Sinful Colors I used  2 coats and got  that bright white opaque look I wanted. For the black I used 2 coats of  Black Out by Sally Hansen's Xtreme Effects, that was also a very easy color to apply. I used to think that black was almost impossible to screw up, but you can and I think it depends on the quality of polish of course. Sinful Colors and Sally Hansens Xtreme Wear are two of my favorite brands. They both are good quality polishes and the size of their brushes are perfect for me anyway. 

As always I used my trusty top coat duo. Sally Hansen's Insta Dri Anti Chip Top Coat (this stuff is amazing, it dries in literally 60 seconds and then when you use) Sally Hansen's Insta Dri Speed Dry Drops 30 seconds after your polish is completely dry to the touch. I really believe one of the main reasons why I never have problems with my mani's chipping is because I use this top coat and the speed dry drops afterwards. If you're looking for a good affordable top coat I recommend Sally Hansen's Insta Dry and the speed dry drops too. 

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  1. Dani Dutra7:38 AM

    I like the idea of 

  2. Dani Dutra7:39 AM

    I like the idea of using one or two of the strips, they seem a bit too intense for me, haha. I bought one, but haven't used yet, they seem hard work, but I will try your suggestion!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Dani xx

  3. Ashley Gray9:14 AM

    this is really cute!! But houndstooth is the print of my college's rival, so booooo lol. jk. I rly love it!

  4. The first time I used them on all of my nails, it was intense!! It takes twice the time it takes to paint your nails and plus you have to be very patient while applying them or they wont come out right. But I can handle using one or two.
    Thanks for reading!!

  5. HAHA!!! Thank you though! your funny :))

  6. TamyrV11:18 PM

    I really need that! I am constantly busy with water and cooking, dishes etc and my nails don't live long. One day max before it starts to chip. Oh noez!
    I like the fact that you used the crackle blot on 1 nail. It makes it less crowded :)

  7. Thanks!!!! I highly recommend that top coat and the speed dry drops are a great extra!

  8. Domanique8:37 AM

    I love this :)


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