Hey Dolls!!!

I've been planning to host my  first giveaway in the next few weeks, It was going to be a Christmas/Happy Birthday Giveaway (since my birthday is January 4th). But now I have a third reason to celebrate this giveaway and its because I just hit over 200 followers today!!!!!!  

I am so increadibly thankful to all of you. I remember when I had  just 20 followers and how excited I was. I honestly never thought there would be 200 of you gorgeous people out there that would want to read my blog. I still dont believe it and dont know how it happened lol.  I'm so grateful to all of you that have been following me from the beginning and to all of you that have just recently started following me. It means the world to me. I hope you all know that every comment you've written and any other kind of support you've gave has never went unnoticed. 

So with that being said, I wasn't planning on posting this today but I also wasn't planning on reaching 200 followers either. I was going to wait a few weeks to post my giveaway and I still am. But this is just to let you know again how grateful I am, and  to look out for my Christmas/Birthday/200 followers Giveaway in the next couple of weeks. I cant give any details away about the giveaway since the entry process wont begin for another few weeks and plus I want you to be surprised! 

A post will be up in a few weeks with all the details, I hope you all will enter :))))

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  1. Gianna_MakeupAndMe1:46 AM

    Congratulations love :)

  2. CONGRATS!!! I remember when.... lol
    Very proud of your success. You have a great site and lots of helpful info. I enjoy seeing your posts come across my email. Can't wait for the next 200 for you! =)

  3. zoe.128:54 AM

    Congrats! I just passed the 250 mark and it feels like such a milestone. Cant wait for the giveaway!

  4. lol...I remember when too, I cant even believe it. Thank you so much!!!!


  5. Thanks hun!!! Congratulations!! Thats awesome, it is a big milestone :)



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