I had the urge to paint my nails white for some reason but I didn't have a good white polish in my collection. So I went to Twitter to find out which brands made a good white nail polish. You know how white needs to be applied very evenly or it will look messy, well someone said that Sinful Colors made a nice one and I do love that brand. I went to my local Walgreen's and found Snow me White for only a $1.99.

I was very pleased with how nice and even it came out. I needed to use 3 coats to give it that bright opaque finish I wanted.

I bought this really pretty glitter polish called Rock Star Pink by Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear a few weeks ago but haven't had the chance to try it yet. So I layered it on top of the Snow me White.

 Unfortunately, I'm not too impressed with the final look or the formula of the polish. I only used one coat of the glitter and even though I tried to apply a thin coat the polish it seemed to be applying in globs, like when you have a really old bottle of nail polish and it doesn't apply evenly anymore. Except, I just bought this, so I don't know if that's the way it was supposed to be or not.
After the second nail, I knew i wasn't in love with the way it looked, but honestly I didn't feel like starting all over again lol. Plus I wanted to show you guys what it looked like. It might be a little of my fault actually, maybe I didn't apply the glitter polish evenly, but it seemed hard to do that bc of the thickness of the polish.  I guess it's not horrible, will see maybe it will grow on me.


  1. Jennifer Fitzgerald11:21 PM

    WOW! these colors are gorg!! 

     xo Jennimperfection-isbeauty.com

  2. i liked the white nail polish alone on u lol

  3. LOL! So did I, especially after I put the glitter on

  4. zoe.129:22 AM

    I really like the white polish on its own too but the glitter is just gorgeous!


  5. I do like the white alone. I actually need a white myself other than the my french tip white.

  6. I know me too! lol. I had to go and ruin it by adding that gitter, Im actually taking it off as I'm typing. Glitter is such a bitch to try and take off!! ughh! lol.
    If your looking for a good quality white, i recommend Sinful Colors in Snow me White and you can get them for $1.99. Good deal!

  7. I think everyone, including myself agrees the white looked better itself. The other color is pretty too, but I think there better by themselves.
    Thanks for reading!!


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